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Discovered on March 2017

This cave is already 40 meters deep. it was discovered by Yoav Negev and Doron Shulman. it contains 4 shafts. each shaft begins in a sinkhole that is located at the bottom of the previous shaft.

Discovered on Feb 2017

Was discovered by Yoav Negev, Nevo Negev, Doron Shulman, Reuven Zakai and Yuval Sobolyev in early Feb 2017. Its 9.5 meters deep and its actually a wide crack. The cave was mapped by Shemesh Yaaran and Yotam zissu.

Discovered on January 2017

A small cave that is composed of 2 small shafts. The cave was discovered by Dany Beilinson, Nevo Negev, Yoav Negev and Doron Shulman

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