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Ongoing explorations

Kidron Survey

The "Hawari Kidron" survey focuses on the southern bank of the Kidron Valley estuary.
To date, dozens of pits and holes have been surveyed and mapped. The longest one is the Cave of "Marzev Kidron", a long cave (303 m) and the caves of "Yonei Kidron" and "Khavari Kidron 1" and "Khvary Kidron 8," medium-sized caves of varying lengths.

Begin park survey

In the past year we are working in Begin park. This site shows huge potential. We already discovered a few caves this year. We are currently working on Daniloba cave which is already 40 meters deep. and might go deeper.

Judeah foothills survey

In the past 2 years the club is exploring the Judeah foothills caves. This area contains mainly artificial, man made caves that were dug thousands of years ago as underground facilities. these facilities were then extended and used during the Bar Kochva revolt against the Romans 132-136. 

Maount Sedom survey

This year we started surveying Mount Sedom Salt caves. This mountain, made of pure salt, contains hundreds of salt caves, some of which are a few kilometers long.

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