So far we visited this cave 3 times and each time we discovered an unknown passage. This cave is built of four shafts the accumulated depth of the 4 shafts is over 40 meters deep and its probably the deepest cave in Begin Park.

First visit - the discovery

Another cave, third in number, to Begin Park, which does not stop surprising, was discovered by Yoav Negev and Doron Shulman  yesterday. This time the cave is at least 25 meters deep. At the bottom of the cave is a sinkhole that leads to another shaft (a stone that was thrown fell down a few meters). Since we did not have enough ropes and time, we did not manage to open this particular section valve mainly in the mud. The cave contains a few stalactites. The entrance is through a narrow passage that descends to a depth of about 4 meters. From there a narrow passage leads to a room with a vertical crack that descends to a depth of 8 meters (can be descendent without a rope) at the bottom of the crack there is another shaft that descends to a depth of about 12 meters. At the bottom of the shaft there is another sinkhole that drains the water out of the shaft. The passage is too narrow mainly because it is blocked with mud and stones. A stone that was thrown into the sinkhole learned that it leads to another shaft that is about 6-7 meters deep (a future mission to the club). At the bottom of the cave there was a slight lack of oxygen.

Second visit - We go deeper

We returned today to Daniloba, Yoav Negev, Doron Shulman and Miki Berkal. We managed to open the sinkhole at the bottom of the second shaft. We repelled another 7 meters in the third shaft. At the bottom of the third shaft there is a narrow crack leading to a fourth shaft about 10 meters deep. We will return next week to open it and repel the fourth shaft. In my estimation, total depth exceeds 40 meters. This will be a fantastic practice cave for the club. For small groups

Third visit - Is it the end ?

Yesterday (March 7th 2017) we went back to Daniloba for the third time. This time Danny did come. We opened the fourth shaft. Its depth is 9.5 meters. We repelled into it. The shaft descends into a muddy hall with a few stalactites. There was a lack of oxygen in the hall. At the bottom of the shaft there is a narrow sink 0.3 * 0.3. It is about five feet deep and has some puddles. A stone that was thrown in does not fall. We tried and could not open the sinkhole because of the inconvenient conditions in this hall and the type of rock. We will have to come back once we have formulated a plan on how to open it. The depth of the shafts after measuring with the roulette are : First shaft - 8 meters , Second Shaft - 12 meters , Third shaft - 6 meters , and the fourth shaft is 9.5 meters, the sinkhole is 1.5 meters and the entrance is about 4 meters. The total depth of the cave is about 40 meters. We will wait for accurate mapping since There is a good chance that we broke the depth record at Begin Park which is currently 42 meters -  Kamin Begin. No doubt that Daniiloba is more complexed.

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